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Google Responds After Self-Driving Car Crashes Into a Bus -- Start Up Your Day

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A New York judge ruled in favor of Apple in its fight with the government. The decision is the latest development in the tech company's ongoing battle to bar the FBI from unlocking the iPhone of a an alleged San Bernardino terrorist who killed 14 people. Apple's lawyer is scheduled to testify before Congress today, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

A self-driving Google car crashed into a bus. The tech giant finally released a statement for the incident yesterday evening, reports Engadget. The crash may be the first incident where the autonomous car was partially at fault. 

The Hacking Team may be back. The discovery of newly developed malware suggests the infamous Milan-based company, which sells malware to companies and countries alike, may be making a comeback. Engadget has the full story.  

Bugatti revealed its supercar. The automaker unveiled "the blue beast" ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. According to Business Insider, it's worth a cool $2.6 million. 

Got some down time? Here’s what’s new to streaming this month on Amazon Prime and Netflix, plus what you should watch now before it leaves the streaming service, according to The Verge.

If Neflix isn't enough, new Dawn of Justice footage was just released. Plus, there's already buzz regarding Luke Skywalker's fate in Star Wars: Episode VIII (spoiler alert if you haven't seen the most recent film). 

A new world record for the fastest speed on an electric skateboard was just set. The rider reached a pace of 59.55 mph.