Five Start Ups Empowering Women In Unique Ways

Five Start Ups Empowering Women In Unique Ways
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There are several start-ups today that are founded and run by stalwart women leaders.  We also have several start-ups that cater into different necessities of women in India enabling them to become self sufficient.  We take a look at those start-ups that are helping empower women via their services.

Focus back on Career

Picture – Neha Bagaria

 JobsForHer is an online portal to enable women to restart their careers post life events such as marriage, motherhood, elderly-care, etc. This means that their talent pool comprises mostly of women who had stepped away in the middle of their career to place their family’s needs above theirs. The portal has job openings in full-time, part-time, work-from-home, freelance and returnee-internship positions to help Indian women come back to the careers that fulfilled them before life asked them to step away.

There is a disconnect in the Indian economy – between the millions of educated, qualified and work-experienced women who took a break in their careers for various compelling reasons and the companies that need them to return and are reaching out to gain access to them, looking for the perfect fit, Founder  Neha Bagaria says

Tackling Health issues

Health issues often act as a road-block for women. TrueWeight helps both men and women tackle obesity related health disorders.  According to the company, more than 90 per cent of women visit gyms primarily to lose weight. But studies suggest that only 20 per cent of the weight loss is attributed to the gyms and the rest 80 per cent can be achieved only through healthy eating . Trueweight’s entire team of nutritionists have treated more than 8000 clients out of which about 70 per cent are women.  Fifty per cent of them suffer from PCOS, thyroid and diabetes, the company says.

Domestic help a click away

BookMyBai helps hire reliable and trusted domestic help for families wherein both the man and the woman step out to work daily. The company has helped thousands of women get a part-time job (1 hour to 10 hours) very close to where they live.  In turn these women make Rs. 4000 to Rs. 12000 per month. This additional income that the domestic help brings into her family helps elevate the quality of life of the family.

Cultural exchange

This platform helps international travellers to visit local classrooms enabling the exchange of cultures and ideas through interesting and engaging conversations.  The start-up believes these interactions will help develop young girls and boys to become more open-minded, adaptive and accepting; they will develop a higher cultural quotient, learn to challenge their biases and will act, create and evaluate themselves in the context of a much bigger, broader world.

Picture credit – Clap Global

With India yearning to balance literacy rate across states, Clap Global says it has seen tremendous interest in this initiative from both the genders across the country. While the role of a woman has many facets, in this country, we grow up thinking in a particular way about the gender and of the gender. Women are told to do ‘what’s right’ creating a divide in the mindset of the people towards them if they act differently, Founder and Business Head Aarti Chhabria said. We believe that Clap can be a powerful tool to change over the course of a generation, the role of women in society significantly by inculcating the values below in children, she added. International travellers have shared tales about freedom of clothing, managing household chores and hobbies with the kids.

Entertainment industry

Moving to a slightly offbeat  but equally important sector – talent recruitment in the media field. TalentTrack is a mobile+web platform for the media, entertainment, creative & art industries. With over 30,000 talents registered with within six months of launch, the company claims it’s growing by over 300 talents per day. This platform is trying to simplify the talent-hiring in a unorganised and  sub-optimal in terms of security for women  by simplifying the recruitment process. It helps both men and women skip long audition queues outside production and media houses and avoid casting agents.

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