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Jordan Zimmerman: 'You Cannot Micromanage Anything and Run a Company This Big'

In this installment of AskJZ, I asked Zimmerman Advertising founder Jordan Zimmerman to address his younger self.

If he could go back and offer the young Jordan some advice, what would it be? Entrepreneurs of all levels of experience can benefit from his sound guidance. Let’s just say --there’s no room for ego.

"One of the biggest mistakes I made was not understanding the value of hiring the right people, empowering those people, trusting those people, and realizing that everything doesn't have to come across my desk," he says. "You cannot micromanage anything and run a company this big."

Zimmerman Advertising, the 14th largest advertising agency in the world, is based in Fort Lauderdale. From branding to advertising, politics to fitness -- tell us what you want us to discuss on the next AskJZ. Reach out on Twitter @JZspeaks and @tracybyrnes.