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Celebs Do Dramatic Reads of Kanye West's Tweets and More -- Start Up Your Day News Roundup

Looking for the latest headlines in small business, innovation and tech? Our Start Up Your Day recaps are posted every morning to keep you current.

Uber’s Latest: Motorbike taxis. The new program will launch in India, as the ridesharing service faces off against Ola, its rival on the ground in that country, according to TechCrunch.

Austin braces for presidential visit. The Obamas’ visit to SXSW is expected to worsen an already dicey traffic situation at the Texas innovation conference this year.

Start your drones! Dubai is hosting the first World Drone Prix on March 11, according to Engadget.

Cars, wine and coins. These three items top the list of things the “ultra rich” spend their money on, according to Business Insider.

A dramatic reading. Celebrities took Kanye West’s Twitter account into their own hands offering dramatic readings of his tweets, according to TIME.

Check out the first email from space. It was sent in August 1991 via a Macintosh portable, which weighed 16 pounds. Here's video of the device ejecting a floppy disk, in case you didn’t already feel old this morning.