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Defense Witness From Hotel Company Admits to Watching Erin Andrews Nude Video

Turns out, of the nearly 17 million people who watched a nude video of sportscaster Erin Andrew online, a defense witness for the hotel company was one of them.

In an interview with CBS News, Neal Peskind of West End Hotel Partners admitted he had watched the video. The revelation comes during a $75 million trial between Andrews and the hotel.  

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"I was at a private dinner meeting with friends,” he says in a statement to CBS. "They brought up the allegations, and they started viewing the video. I asked them to stop, and while they did so, it was not as quickly as I had hoped."

A representative from the firm defending the hotel and witness says the friends were “a husband and wife.”

Also during the trial Wednesday, Andrews said she doubted she’d ever be able to get over what happened to her. She also said she was depressed and fearful.

"I wanted to be the girl next door who loved sports, and now I'm the girl with a hotel scandal," she says in her testimony earlier in the case.

Her mother said while testifying that unless there’s someone with her, the sportscaster “does not interact” and that "she's very, very frightened."

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The video of Andrews, a former ESPN sportscaster, was published online in 2009 by Michael David Barrett after he stalked and followed her to the hotel. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years of jail time.