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Give a Befitting Punch

Give a Befitting Punch
Image credit: Fitbit | Facebook

An entrepreneur always has hands full with work. But keeping fit paves the way to takingb on challenges with ease and less stress. Leading entrepreneur always follow a fitness routine to keep themselves ready for world’s challenges. Here’s what some entrepreneurs do to keep themselves fit.

A Disciplined Eater 

(Kanika Shori, COO,

“In order to keep myself fit I exercise, swim and go for a walk. Besides, I am a disciplined eater and prefer eating five-six small meals throughout the day along with drinking lots of water. I have been actively involved in fitness during my college days itself as I was involved into TV and fashion industry.
I make sure that I exercise for an hour daily. I practice yoga thrice a week. For the remaining four days, I either prefer spending time in gym doing cardio and light strength training or in a swimming pool, preferably for 45 minutes to 1 hour.”

It's all about strong will power

(Aashray Thatai, Co-founder, PostFold)

“I was always an obese kid. One fine day when I was about to graduate out of high school, my mom took me to a dietitian. I lost 35 kg and maintained that ever since. I wanted to maintain what I had and only get fitter. I knew if I could do it, anyone could. All you need is to be is dedicated. Since fitness is my mantra. Since the age of 17, I make sure to follow my fitness routine to keep myself fit. I go to the gym four times a week every morning at 6:30. This keeps me motivated and fresh throughout the day. I believe in maintaining a healthy diet. I mostly eat home cooked food and for dinner I try to avoid any kind of bread and gluten and try to have more protein. I am very passionate about lawn tennis. I am playing it since I was seven years old. I started taking it seriously when I was 17 and wanted to get in better shape and master my game. I play three times a week.”

Be better every day

(Dimple Mirchandani, Founder, Holistic Nutrition)

“I have always been athletic ever since I can remember. All thanks to my mother, she got me to learn everything from classical dance, music, basketball to tennis. From a very young age of five-six years, I kept swapping between basketball, swimming, cycling, tennis and skating. Post-school, I started with weight training, kickboxing and yoga that I practise every day religiously till date. However, whenever I get a chance I swim, ride a bike (cycle), play tennis or go for a run. Having a fitness routine on daily basis is my need, even if it is just going for a long walk to Lodhi Garden. It is something that I love to do and that helps me think better and work better. I do not have any one anecdote that I can put out in particular, as each session is a unique experience for me. My own potential surprises me beyond limits – every day I beat myself, every day I am better and stronger than before, every day I can do something that seemed impossible before. In a nutshell, every session is a story by itself that touches me or enlightens me in one way or the other.”

Staying healthy on the road 

(Kapil Hetamsaria, Co-founder and CEO,

“For me, a fit and fresh mind is essential for having a productive day at the office. Hence I have made squash, one of my hobbies, a part of my weekly workout regime. Apart from playing squash, I run a few times a week. I have been also participating in the Mumbai marathon for the last four years. I have been a racquet sports player since childhood. After playing tennis as a child growing up in Mumbai, I picked up racquetball as a sport in the US. And then squash post returning back to India. As an all weather sport, squash is just a more convenient option for players and new parents.”

(This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (March 2016 Issue).