Taco Bell Digs on Food Porn With New Breakfast Ads

Why do it yourself when you could pay someone else to do it?

Further proving the point, Taco Bell had some fun of their own with the help of the ever-so-popular food porn video trend, according to Digiday.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, don’t fret. The only body parts typically seen in these videos are disembodied hands as they foolishly attempt to recreate delectable masterpieces. However, the bad and dainty background music’s still fair game.

The trend picked up thanks to popular Buzzfeed and Tastemade online series, which Taco Bell set out to troll in a video of their own highlighting the new $1 breakfast menu with egg-stuffed burritos and sausage quesadillas.

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Of course, as is the case with most DIY attempts, the valiant effort leaves something to be desired. Egg shells break, meat burns … a toaster catches fire.

The point? You could do it (maybe). But why waste the time when you could pay a dollar for someone else to take on the task?

The franchise got the idea for the videos after seeing how popular food porn is and started to experiment with them on Facebook.

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“The funny thing is, while these videos really make the process of cooking seem simple and fun, the reality of trying to recreate them yourself tends to turn out much different,” Brett Craig, executive creative director at ad agency Deutsch, told Digiday. “There’s the prep, cleanup and imperfections that come along with attempting them yourself, often times resulting in humorous fails.”

So, hopefully there’s no hard feelings. After all, Craig says it was nothing personal, just poking fun. Right, Buzzfeed?

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