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Beer Is Coming to Select Burger King Locations in the U.K.

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Want a beer with that Whopper?

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For some customers at select Burger King locations in the United Kingdom -- including at Waterloo Station -- it’ll soon be possible to order the two together, in-store.

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The fast food franchise announced plans to offer the alcoholic beverage last year after a location in Suffolk won its alcohol license. But don’t get too excited just yet -- the license comes with a host of rules. For example, beer’s the only alcoholic beverage allowed to be sold and the alcoholic content has to be lower than 5 percent. In addition, beer can only be served between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m and it can’t leave Burger King premises.

Still, ordering a Whopper and a beer is a nifty combo even if it isn’t the most innovative one. After all, serving beer at a fast food restaurant isn’t a new practice. A Burger King spokeswoman told The Telegraph that the decision was really “just catching up with the rest of the world really."

McDonald’s, for example, already sells alcoholic beverages in many of its European markets. However, unlike Burger King, it doesn’t have any plans to offer the option in the U.K.

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"We develop our menu based on what our customers tell us they like and want from a visit to McDonald's,” a spokesperson told The Telegraph. “Although a number of European McDonald's markets serve alcoholic beverages as part of their menu, this is not something that we have experienced customer demand for or something that fits with the family-friendly focus of our restaurants in the UK.

Though Burger King has been awarded some alcohol licences, not all locations have been as successful.

Either way, surely Americans will love the opportunity to grab a beer and a Whopper when traveling overseas. Nothing says home to an Yankee more than crappy beer and a high-calorie sandwich.

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