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WATCH: McDonald's New Anime Recruitment Video Tugs at the Heartstrings

McDonald’s wants to help your “Future Me.”

To recruit part-time employees in Japan, the fast food franchiser released a series of anime videos that illustrate how working at McDonald’s can be a heartwarming experience, The Verge reports.

The campaign, which is a part of the company’s "Crew ni Nar?" or “join the crew” series, features multiple anime videos. One in particular, however, has been making waves for its endearing depiction of a new McDonald’s employee and her mentor.

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In the beginning of the ad, the girl stops to read a “Help Wanted” sign. A manager, who is sweeping outside, asks if she wants to join the McDonald’s team. The question is answered via montage, which shows the new employee learning the ropes, with help from her manager. Eventually, things come full-circle as the new employee is promoted to manager, and goes on to recruits a new employee.

This isn’t the first time this year a McDonald’s video has sparked international conversation. Recently, the franchise aired a Taiwanese ad featuring a boy coming out to his father. Though it made most hearts go pitter-patter, it offended some extreme religious groups.

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Since its release to the public, the “Future Me” series has been well received. Some are even (jokingly) wondering if a television show or movie could come to fruition based on the commercial.

Who knows, maybe folks will get more than a job out of the commercial series.