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This App Calculates How Much You're Earning While you poop

This App Calculates How Much You're Earning While you poop
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"Boss makes a dollar, and I make a dime,

That is why I always make sure, to poop on company time!"

From the vastness of apps that refuse to be productive or anyway beneficial, comes this brilliantly hilarious app that’s surely going to get your humor bone tickling. Procrastination at work is a subtle art that jiggles through risk, entertainment, looking busy and being a ninja about the whole process, and sometime AngryBirds or Fruit Ninja doesn’t just cut it. Facebook and other social media gets depressing after a certain point, and so you’d want to get up from your cubicle for a washroom break, even though you don’t really need to, but why not.

This is where Poop Salary comes handy. Ever wondered how long you can push your refreshing breaks without your office catching up how long you’ve been out? This app does just that. Just provide a few details about your working hours and salary, and when you exit your chair, tick the timer on and tick it off again when you get back.

The app is just that, and lands quite a few laughs. Although you might want to think twice before sharing your score of social media.

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