Outlook of Indian eCommerce In 2016

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eCommerce in India has attained a lot with the growth of technology and it acts as a strategic factor with the internationalization, shopping experience, mobile-oriented design and social integration.


Even though all these factors are quite critical, nowadays each of the difference between the eCommerce websites likes to be more qualitative. Importance of project execution become higher when compared to target or base idea so that it is necessary to concentrate on various sector with the increase of online business.

The eCommerce websites gives the best user experience with the faster delivery of the products based on the need of the customers. eCommerce website plays an important role with the maturity of industry with the tools and solutions that are available in the extensive manner.

Maturity in industry standard is important and then everything would be counting with the differentiation so that they are left aside. Customer service along with the complaints handling would be the best assurance for the improvement of eCommerce.

Today there is a great demand in customer so that immediate response using the toll free number, social networks and chat system increases the communication between the eCommerce website and clients. In most of the cases, contact forms become the only way for the customer service. Creating confidence is the main role for the good customer service so that it is convenient for developing the business.

Communication with clients using the eCommerce website acts as a loyalty tool so that it is convenient for improvising the growth rate. Using the multiple screens, it is convenient to follow the need of customers in many different channels and gives the efficient client support system.

When the mobile visitors could not get access to the support chat system due to different language issues, then providing the customer support in all the languages would be preferable. In modern scenario, post purchase process in eCommerce is most important so that the reverse logistics stands as pillar for the loyalty of the programs.

Modern eCommerce website makes sure that building confidence for the future purchases is most important so that it would improve the growth immensely.

Speedy delivery process is maintained so that it would be quite easier for increasing the efficient way for processing the purchase. Innovation in the sales models is quite excellent so that with the competing price makes the online purchase simple.

For example the sale model like curation and subscription tends to be more successful but it is not applicable in most of the cases. The process would be advantage for providing better income stability.

Branding is the key factor for sustaining in the eCommerce competition. Designing and user friendly accessible would be great option in the mature market. However the stakes are much high so that the good looking design will not be competitive advantage.

Leaping further to make difference in purchasing interface would be prominent. Modern 3D technology and video enhancing technology is quite interesting compared to traditional catalog as this new digital version technology would attract customers.

Also, until recently, the only differentiator between a success and failure in eCommerce was funding. Now, the new FDI rules in eCommerce marketplace will ensure that the fittest will survive and not the ones with the funding.

It is also good timing because some of the investors have burnt their fingers by investing on “hype” and they have started demanding performance now. The FDI policy will ensure that performance driven companies will succeed against funding driven companies, and this will give Indian funded companies a great chance to succeed, in a level playing field.