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The Truth: The "Fastest Train" of India Isn't Really That Fast at All

The Truth: The "Fastest Train" of India Isn't Really That Fast at All
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It defies common sense and logic of all rational purposes if we have the infrastructure setup and coaches already build to handle trains at much more than their current speeds but refuse to operate them at such speeds. When a few years ago Shatabbdi increased it’s speeds on the Kalka-New Delhi route significantly reducing the time, it raised the question of how the same logistics and checks couldn’t have been applied earlier. Similarly, a startling fact is dissuaded by all statics, the “semi- fast” train Gatimaan Express isn’t really fast at all as compared to international standards, or even to Indian standards.

The Bhopal Shatabdi Express which starts from New Delhi railway station at 6:00 am arrives at Agra Cantt at 7:57 am, i.e. 1 hour and 57 minutes, just about 15 minutes more than Gatimaan Express. Does 15 minutes really entitle the train to be called the fastest in India? Well technically yes – because it is – but it also raises the question of increasing all speeds of all trains if the current systems allow so.

However, railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has also assured the nation that as a part of operation Raftaar, the speeds of all trains including the ordinary ones will eventually be increased.

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