Let Your Kids Use Your Phone As Much As They Want

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I see people who have a natural aversion to children operating mobile phones and iPads at a young age. Some parents look at these kids as gadget addicts and desperate to get rid of devices from them. Regardless of every method, we employ to distance kids from today’s technology; we will quickly learn it’s out of a question to do so.


Kids are creative; they love to learn new things. Exploring the devices give them immense satisfaction and sense of learning out of their curiosity.

Kids of all ages will become accustomed to digital devices sooner or later. Therefore, it is better to keep your fears at bay about your child getting addicted to devices. Instead, you should smartly choose how to get them to use the devices to learn while they have fun in the process. 

There are numerous learning apps designed exclusively for kids. Children’s apps allow kids to understand and learn comprehensive things in an easy, accessible and enjoyable way. The privilege every kid can enjoy with learning apps is the simplified method of teaching complex subjects that are too hard to understand in traditional methods.

Over that, the acceptance for kid’s apps has reached new heights on a global scale. Detaching your kid from accessing learning apps is taking away his chance to excel in today’s’ competitive world. Below are some of the key points about why children should use learning apps.

A recent survey conducted in Britain reveals that kids learning apps are widely popular among children between five to ten years. It is evident that parents and teachers are encouraging children to get used to learning through mobile apps to complement the classroom lesson.

It comes as no surprise that usage of kid’s apps for learning is at all time top. Apple iTunes store alone has over 80000 educational apps and adding more every day.

So, what makes educational apps so much important, let’s take a look

24/7 availability

With kids apps, learning is a straightforward process, unlike schools that work at specific times. All you need is a smartphone or a tab and your kid can learn anything he wants at anytime he needs.


Another gripping feature of kids learning apps is the interactive advantage. It engages the kids through creating an exciting atmosphere that offers to learn more out of children’s natural curiosity.

Fun while learning

A major reason that many students’ lack to perform is due to the mundane classroom lectures that bore them and leave them cold. Learning is no more a monotonous task with kids apps. With the colorful interface and friendly characters interacting with the kids, the learning time is made more fun and interesting to help them enjoy what they are learning.


The reason mobile phones are dominating the world market is because of its portability. With kids apps embracing the smartphones, learning has become on the go activity. May the kids are at home or traveling somewhere, their classes are always just a swipe away from them.

The contemporary education system is fiercely competitive and depending on a classroom model alone is pushing your child back in the line. Introduce the advantage of mobile learning through Bulbul apps. It helps your kids learn excessively and stay one step ahead from their peers. Mobile learning apps are going to grow their popularity even more in the immediate future, and they are going to stay here for a big time.