India must embrace smart manufacturing, says Amitabh Kant

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Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Aayog advises Indian entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems of a billion people in the country. In a brief chat with Entrepreneur Media at Intech50 last month, Kant shared his thoughts on the convergence of Make in India and Startup India.


Convergence of Make in India and Startup India

The world of manufacturing is completely getting digitized. Tesla is no longer a manufacturing company, it’s a digital company. So whether you call it smart manufacturing or whether you call it manufacturing 4.0 or call it intelligent manufacturing; manufacturing and digitization will all get embedded, converge and integrate. Manufacturing companies of tomorrow will all be digital companies, so will electrical companies. If India wants to become a manufacturing nation, it must embrace smart manufacturing and that can and will only happen with the convergence and integration of digital world with the manufacturing world.

On asking how he thinks as an entrepreneur while being a part of the government, Kant said that understanding the problems will enable you to find solutions for them. He said that the part of the problem is that the bureaucracy never listens and understands what the problems are. However, he said that this mindset is slowly changing at higher levels and the bureaucracy is changing but at lower levels it will take some time to change.

Advice for entrepreneurs

“Indian entrepreneurs should find solutions to problems of a billion people in India. Problems like doing housing at lower cost, doing sewerage at lower cost and power storage. Indian entrepreneurs must design, innovate and find solutions to the problems of India. “

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