Vital Travel and Health Tips for the Suitcase Entrepreneur

Vital Travel and Health Tips for the Suitcase Entrepreneur
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Being a suitcase entrepreneur means you are always on the move. If your business involves you traveling around quite a bit then you should have garnered some travel wisdom. But the chances are that you are still making some mistakes.

The suitcase life can be intriguing, exhausting, fulfilling, adventurous, exciting, and dangerous at the same time. But you can bring a comfortable balance to everything with these few tips:

On packing your suitcase.

Less is more, all you really need is your passport and wallet (with some cash in it of course), and your e-ticket. Throw in a couple of dresses and shoes or Shirt and trousers, a suit, one set of running shoes/ sneakers and flip flops.

I often suggest fabrics that don’t crease as no iron will be required especially if you will be traveling to and fro quickly. Outfits made of rayon, nylon and spandex work marvelously too.

Economy class or business class?

There’s been a lot of debate on flying either business class or economy class. When faced with this question however, most entrepreneurs look readily to their budgets and pockets. But the real question is one of comfort and the value of comfort to you.

If you are flying for a meeting that begins soon after you land, then business class is a more reasonable investment.

But let’s say your budget cannot really accommodate a business class ticket. Then you should fly in a day before on economy class. This could still solve the problem and let you attend your meeting well rested and in a relaxed frame.

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First class or private jet charter?

If you are already an elite first class flier but still find yourself dissatisfied, then perhaps comfort is not your only problem. Time is.

Depending on the nature of your business and the urgency that takes you into the air, you might be really desperate to get flying as quickly as possible. And the thing with commercial flights is that whether you are in the ‘gold-plated’ first class or the economy class, the plane only lifts when everyone is on board.

Most times, that takes a while. And when you put together the hassle of commercial aircrafts and all the time lost, it can make the cost of flying on a private jet financially feasible.

Moreover, chartering private jets does not always mean you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are some private jet services like the turboprop aircrafts that seat 4-6 people which can be gotten for less than $3,000.

Again if you still have some work to do before hitting the tarmac, then there is no atmosphere more conducive than a private jet. You can even have a business meeting on flight if you are traveling with associates and partners. Shared expenses also make it more reasonable.

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Healthy snacking.

I’ve found that generally being on the move can make it difficult to stay healthy and make smart food choices. A mix of nuts and dried fruits is the perfect snack material. It satiates your appetite as well as keeps up your energy between meetings. Protein or energy bars help too.

Oatmeal is a very wonderful option because all you need is a small container to bring with you and a plastic spoon. Then you’ll just need hot water for a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

You can even bring your own herbal tea bags. Oh, and pack a trusty nalgene and keep topping them up with water so you have no need for plastic water bottles.

Keep fit and your heart healthy.

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to forget your consume rich foods and over indulge on alcohol. And whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip, you should always remember to have a form of first aid kit, especially if you are going on a long trip.

Most hotels have a gym or at least something that serves as one. If you are living the suitcase life and have busy head racking days in strange places, then it will be advice worth its weight in gold to set the alarm 45 minutes earlier than normal to get in a 30 minute weight or cardio session. You’ll feel refreshed and energized for the day ahead. That way, you will not break down even though you work very hard.

If it turns out that you have to stay in town a little longer, or your hotel doesn’t have a gym, hit the pavements for a brisk walk or run. This way you get to discover your travel destination. Your running shoes will come to good use after all.

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Travel is hard work as well as a life of luxury and adventure. With careful thought and recourse to these tips, you can make great decisions based on your present situation and still be effective as an entrepreneur.





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