Entrepreneurship: The Rise Of The Unconventional

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Entrepreneurship lies in every realm, every form. It’s about creating followers, it’s about doing things the unconventional way. Entrepreneurship is not an art, it is a science. The one who understands the science is able to replete the success again and again. The silent revolution which began a decade back has come out in full rise today in the form of Patanjali, whose unsaid founder is Baba Ramdev.


The sadhu sagas in India have been many and I particularly don’t believe in following the herd mentality.  However, one cannot put aside the remarkable rise of an enterprise which carries a decade old foundation and is finding places in many Indian homes today. This cannot be just a phenomenon, which will be passed away. If it makes an MNC to sit up and take notice the business has to be real. Why would a sadhu who already had mass following via yoga compete with MNCs and beat them in their own game. It’s not just a rise and fall that can be ignored. Whether it is the positive public image of Baba Ramdev earned through Yoga or the negative image created by his controversial remarks all has added to the popularity of this sadhu. Take a closer look at his enterprise in our cover story. I’m sure he has some lessons to share with all those claiming to be makers of herbal and ayurvedic products since the last century. It’s time for them to reinvent. 

Entrepreneurship is a mindset not just a tag, which will make you believe to be in charge. There are certain set of professionals who have attempted transformational changes which were easy to talk but hard to do. The story features CEOs from government set up, multinationals and Indian companies where besides the founder we have great people in command.

In the current funding freeze would online or technology-focused investors turn their focus to offline businesses or would they continue to back businesses with better scalability and growth a.k.a ‘real’ businesses irrespective of the medium they operate in. Read more on it in our Make in India v/s Startup India feature. 

Maritime industry of India has played a vital role in the growth of the country’s economy in the recent past. Now startups are all set to offer unique solutions to sail their ships. Opportunities in cold-pressed juices is another emerging area of newbies. The onus lies on you to make the most of it.

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