WhatsApp May Launch a Desktop Application: But We're Not Sure Why

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The world’s most popular texting application owned by Facebook and with over 1.4 billion active users has received a recent unverified rumor update of it developing a desktop version of the client. An unverified Twitter account that has been tracking changes in WhatsApp has Tweeted pictures of WhatsApp beta builds with references to a stand-alone desktop application being developed that would virtually enable WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac computer without your cell phone. While this news is unverified, it makes no sense for a variety of reasons.


There’s already an official web service available

WhatsApp has already enabled web based WhatsApp since quite a while now. To use it, simply go to http://web.whatsapp.com

Now depending upon your phone, open the WhatsApp app and follow the instructions given below:

Android: tap the Menu button, and then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

iOS: Tap the Settings tab, and then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Windows Phone: tap the Menu button, and then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Make sure your phone’s rear camera is working and has been given rights to use WhatsApp. Point your phone’s camera towards the computer screen and align it in a way that the QR code is centered in the window. Once it’s centered correctly, the web app will authenticate and automatically login on your computer screen. The best part is all your contacts and chats will be exactly as you left them on your phone.

Remember the keep the “keep me signed in” option to close and open the web interface for as long as your desktop browser session is active.

It is unknown whether this would continue to have end to end encryption like the application version of WhatsApp or not. But why would anyone use a web version of WhatsApp other than to spam on a more bulk level with ease on a computer? The purpose of WhatsApp is to communicate with other WhatsApp users. Even if you enable faster typing, the conversation is still limited to the response rate of the opposite person since he/she is using the regular app version of WhatsApp. If you both plan to switch to the web, there are infinite chat programs to help you do just that. The move could also potentially counteract the surge of shifting towards app only platforms.

For some unexplained reason, if you do plan to use WhatsApp for web, a standalone application can help keep the browser closed and instead can be just like any other chat program like Gtalk. What waits to be seen is if any features will be added for the same technology.

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