What An Investor Looks For In An Entrepreneur?

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I look for a rebel who says no to all the pleasure that comes with the waves of advises from here or there, says Mahesh Murthy when talking about what he looks for in a startup when investing. Rightly so, cause an entrepreneur should stand with his idea till the end. He should have a backbone to say not at the right time and a deep insight into the problem he/she is trying to solve and it shouldn't be copy pasted, Murthy added.

Founder and CEO of Seedfund, and one of the leading investors of the Indian startup ecosystem, Mahesh finds it peculiar when people exit their business. He comments that an entrepreneur should never want to exit their business and if it's a great business you should own it forever. 

We got an interesting insight from him about him about the much-hyped Startup India initiative. He said, "I don't see that much of a change due to this policy. The policy has this three year tax on profit exemption, but the thing is that we don't make any profit int the first three years. It's nice of them to offer but since we do not make any profit, it's redundant. But it's well intentional. At least it's brought some noise and shine to the industry. Unlike the previous government who believed in making the bigger businesses bigger, this government has realized that we cannot make the TATAs and Birlas bigger, we have to make small businesses bigger."