Digital Marketing: Where It Is Going And How It Will Change

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The digital world has made us forget the age of billboards and big advertisements that were once painted on walls. The world is getting fast and people do not want to stay behind. It is this reason why digital marketing has evolved so fast and so much in the past years. 

Digital marketing has become so important now that companies rely on it for their success. A particular audience is targeted with a particular idea that creates an impact so intense that users find it hard to not fall for it. Empathy plays a huge role here and with technology involved, this collective impact leads to the creation of a brand. Take Paper Boat for instance whose ad campaigns were such a huge success. They reminded people of their childhood, and hence a relation based on an emotion was built that between the firm and consumers.

Speaking on the same Digital Marketing Expert, Harneet Bhalla said, "Right now digital marketing is very important as people's attention is on all these technological gadgets like mobile and laptops. So if customer's attention is there, so should be ours."

This industry is bound to grow with time and will become more personalized as digitization grows. Sharing his thought about the growth of this industry, Bhalla said, "In the coming year, Digital marketing will double its size and might even go 3x or 4x. New startups are really active on this platform as it doesn't take a lot of financial resources. you start a campaign on Facebook. You see the response through comments and likes right away."