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Bend The Rules: Lenovo Introduces ThinkPad Yoga

Bend The Rules: Lenovo Introduces ThinkPad Yoga
Image credit: Lenovo

Lenovo combines the best of both worlds with the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga. You can use it as a laptop or a tablet, and in tent or stand mode for easy viewing.

Image credit: Lenovo.

It is the world’s first convertible with a 2K OLED touchscreen display, delivering intense colors and stunning contrast. It’s also fully connected with super-fast 4G LTE-A, and totally convertible with a retractable keyboard. With an integrated Stylus Pen and Lenovo WRITEit software, you can enjoy writing on it by hand as well. It weighs just 2.8 lbs/1.27 kg, making it the world’s thinnest and lightest 14-inch two-inone business laptop. The lightweight X1 Yoga features a Windows 10 Pro operating system and up to 6th generation Intel 7-6600U with vPro, making the X1 Yoga a lightweight with heavy computing power.

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