5 Basic Urban Problems That Can Be Solved In India via Technology

5 Basic Urban Problems That Can Be Solved In India via Technology
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Entrepreneurs are always looking for newer mediums to expand their pool of ideas to launch newer start-ups and services every day. While some are radically introduced, creating a need for service or good that didn’t exist before, other revolutionize the way tasks are accomplish or goods are manufactured, designed or utilized. As the Digital India and Make in India campaign takes on, it is vital for Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs to look for ways to improve India’s existing problems. Digitizing hasn’t followed in several aspects of an average Indian’s life yet, and we are still miles away from using western equivalent technology yet. However, we are stepping one step closer with each day, and here are some top ideas that need to be implemented ASAP in our country:

Waste disposal

A post on Reddit remarked that technology for picking up waste from green bins already exists (green bin compatible trucks, sewage water lorries, etc) and questioned whether accountability in disposal was the main issue. While there are a few recycling startups like PomPom that do pickups of recyclable products, India for the most part still dumps it’s waste in a non-environmentally friendly manner. There is an immense market left to be tapped for efficient waste disposal methods.

Popularizing completely automatic driving channels

Drinking and driving aside, Indian roads are nowhere near safe despite having one of the slowest maximum speed limits from across the world. To financially cripple the situation, policemen are employed to man and challan traffic offenders, in temperatures than can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Having working high resolution cameras at every light for automatic monitoring as well as challaning can be a efficient solution to reduce manpower and save tons of money.

Dash cameras for the private citizen

Extremely popular among vloggers, dash cameras or personal compact cameras installed on or in your vehicles have surprisingly not become as popular as they should. They offer infinite possibilities of security, and possibly more than any other device for automobile safety yet. From having videographic proof in case you are involved or witness an accident, theft prevention to interesting vlogging opportunities, the possibilities are endless. However incredible high prices have made sure these are not as popular as they should have been.

Digital wallets for toll booths

When PayTM has taken over India by a storm launching the ability to pay everything from petrol to physical dinning places, college fees and even transactions as low as Rs 10, toll booths still cripple traffic and annoy a smoo0th flow of traffic. How about automatic toll booths that offer the ability to pay from using your e-wallet? This will help millions of commuters to not worry about carrying oddly numbered change and speed up the flow of traffic on our highways.

Making 3D Printers more affordable & common

For a truly make in India campaign, nothing currently beats 3D printers. Unfortunately, the rare companies that currently do manufacture 3D printers cost phenomenal amounts of money in doing so. A cheaper, more affordable 3D printer would not only give raise to thousands of young inventors, but also provide a fun hobby and increase scientific temperament.

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