Emails: How Not To Write Them At Workplaces

Emails: How Not To Write Them At Workplaces
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When it comes to official emails, not everyone can be the brash, cocky – yet effective – like Steve Jobs. Despite dripping sarcasm and a barely-concealed growl, Jobs’ emails have only become more popular. But since you aren’t Jobs, here are five top email etiquette rules to live by:

1. Dear, howdy, etc: Never, ever, start an email without properly addressing the person, and a short “How you doing?” Don’t go all Chandler though – stick to the formal tone and write full sentences.

2. Of short forms and text language: U jst cnt type lyke dis. Refrain from the text language many find cool and appealing, and stick to proper English, whether American or British. There’s no way text-ish can ever look professional.

3. Reply back: A delay in replying to official mails is one of biggest reasons for misunderstanding between colleagues. You might come across as having a not-worth-my-while attitude, while the truth is you thought you will reply to the mail at leisure. If that’s the case, mention the same, but do drop a line.

4. Of old mails and new ones: Use an older email only if your new email pertains to the same subject. If now, type out a fresh email and use a new subject line. If it is to someone you might think may have trouble recollecting who you are, mention how have corresponded in the past.

5. Signing off: Don’t let your signature take up a lot of space. Your name, designation, company website, and a phrase you like or live by, should do. Also, don’t show off your sense of color aesthetics by introducing it in your signature – stick to the color of the body text.

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