4 Startups That Will help You Lose Weight Without Forcing You

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There’s not cheat code for a fit and healthy body. For the likes of us lazy ones who have a hard time working out (simply because we don’t want to), staying healthy remains a big challenge. It’s not that we haven’t tried working out, it’s just that we couldn’t try it for long enough to make it a part of our lives. Something or the other thing kept coming in the way, like rains or procrastination.


So what can we do? We have the blessing of technology upon us. Created by people who understand healthy living like the back of their hand, here we have some apps to help you get healthy without exercising (there could be little exercising) and just eating right.

With the help of these apps, you can lose significant amount of weight by just eating organic food in the right proportions which will be made according to your schedule.

You can thank us later!

Organic Food In A Box

The Healthbox - The busy city life is to blame again, but after a day of work, you are so tired to cook anything let alone anything healthy. Then what do you do? You end up eating whatever’s there in the house.

Respecting that importance of food and time in a city like Delhi, Healthbox prepares a genuine healthy meal and deliver it at their office or home. Meals are prepared with locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients. What makes this app different is that essentially, they’re cooking and incorporating everything you’re trying to, but the difference is in the taste. From organic flaxseeds, chia seeds, chef’s special gourmet detox meals, to all day breakfast meals, low fat burgers, whole-wheat wraps, whole-wheat sandwiches, gourmet salads and special detox smoothies, THB has all you sugar-free, gluten-free, skimmed milk, stevia fanatics covered.

Snacking Redefined

Snackosaur - Snacks are meals between meals. It isn’t exactly food but you also need them to keep functioning. But one thing that true about snacks is that you can never have too little of snacks. They go on forever and ever until you end up binge eating.

Worry no more as Snackosaur is here to redefine snacking in India by making it healthful, fun and delicious. The snacks by Snackosaur are new, unique and interesting and both sweet and salted variety.  The subscription boxes are ideal so that a neat package with a few portions of snack arrives at your desk even before that eye or mind has a chance to go wandering. Snackosaur switches up the snacks every fortnight with its subscription service; with 5 different varieties of snacks in each box, they try their best to ensure that you’re less likely to flirt with any unhealthy distractions. Snackosaur delivers in almost every city in India.  

Eat Smart Sans Those Nagging Calories

CalorieSmart - The worst part about living away from home is food. Homesickness is a thing, but so is home-food-sickness. Sharing with friends doesn’t last for long, leaving the only option, which is, eating out every day.  An alternate to this is ‘CalorieSmart’, called ‘the Gurgaon’s version of the Mumbai Dabbawalas’ by Little Black Book. CalorieSmart prepares the meals itself, packed with all essential nutrients, is free from butter and ghee, and there is a new menu on offer everyday! CalorieSmart is based in Gurgoan. 

Eat Right

Nutritown - With a startup founder who lost 30kgs in 6 months, this method used by this startup is gaining credibility. Unlike any of those TV commercials which claim that you can lose weight in a couple of weeks with the help of a belt, this startup has a fully fledged plan for you to help you lose weight by just eating right. With food prepared is prepared in-house, even every dip with zero trans-fat and no maida. Customers can choose either Indian or Continental cuisine for their meals and can order lunch or dinner via a phone call or their website. This startup is based in Bengaluru.