8 Ways Being A Young Entrepreneur Changes You

8 Ways Being A Young Entrepreneur Changes You
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Founder, Morning Fresh
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In many ways being an entrepreneur becomes a way of life. You live and breathe the business and there are bound to be new personality developments that you start to discover about yourself as your business grows. Mitali Tandon Founder, Morning Fresh, talks about the riveting experience of being a young entrepreneur in the hectic and crazy startup space. Unknowingly one becomes a fitnes freak and a yellow pages for coffee shops around the city!

In her own words:

In my journey with Morning Fresh, I have had the privilege and pleasure of interacting and working with fellow entrepreneur’s and find a lot of common traits that develop-

  1. Understand the value of money
    Most entrepreneurs that start out with small businesses, especially self-funded/bootstrapped companies know the perils of working within tight budgets, spending wisely, the joys of earning and the complexities of growing money.  This invariably impacts your personal spending patterns- Where can I get a good meal that isn’t too expensive? Is that gym membership worth it? Should I invest in a bicycle or continue to use public transportation? How much did I spend on cabs this month?
  2. Clarity of thought
    As an entrepreneur you are the driving force behind the team, the face of the brand and the single point of direction and vision. From your brief to your social media team, budget allocation, vendor and client management – your communication internally and externally has never been more paramount. This requires entrepreneurs to consistently have clarity in thought and action, so when you are out of the workplace you might find yourself processing information and articulating your thoughts more clearly than you did before. 
  3. Your networking and you don’t even know it
    You could be at a cousin’s wedding, a concert or at the gym and you get into an interesting conversation and before you know it, you make a mental note of these individuals and how you could potentially include them in your business or he/she accidentally gave you a great idea, whatever it is, you likely come out of the conversation with a business card.
  4. Your instinct becomes your new BFF
    As an entrepreneur you are likely surrounded by mentors, well-wishers, investors and would often seek guidance in moments of doubt and uncertainty. There are many times when even those within the inner circle have conflicting views and as time goes I think you increasingly realize that listening or being aligned with your instincts is the best way to deal with any situation.
  5. Enjoying your own company
    In the middle of all the to-do lists and hectic schedules, you find solace in isolation and giving yourself the mental space to organize your thoughts and reflect. If your one of the more well practiced loners, you likely have a thinking space or cathartic activity that helps you achieve this state of mind – washing the dishes, taking a shower, driving your car, listening to the radio or reading a book.

  6. Fitness freak’s
    As an entrepreneur, your full time job is to ensure the well-being of your company; it is also an extremely physically and mentally demanding job.  In order to keep your business healthy you realize you need to keep yourself healthy. Most entrepreneurs’ either find an exercise routine that works for them, join a gym close by to work/home, have a treadmill at their office, own a fit bit and proactively work towards healthier diets.

  7.  It’s all about being practical
    The number of key decisions made on a daily basis for an entrepreneur is countless, sometimes you reach a bottle-neck or have tight timelines and the only way to keep moving is to find a practical solution that works for you. This persistent need to be practical subconsciously affects many of our lifestyle choices. Swap those corporate heels for good looking sneakers? Invest in a great pair of pants that go with multiple occasions? Carry your bag-pack or sling bag instead of that fancy tote? Get a smart but low maintenance haircut rather than one that requires daily styling? Your natural priority shifts to being more functional and practical.
  8. The coffee shop connoisseur
    Before you know it, you become a yellow pages for the best coffee shops and community work spaces in the city. You know who has the best Wi-Fi, the best sandwiches and likely have a loyalty card or favorite spot to sit at (bet you know where the plug points are too!)

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