4 Changes Cyrus Mistry Envisaged To Get Young Talent Onboard

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When you hear that multinational conglomerate company’s chairman is thinking about bringing cultural change in its workplace, doesn’t it come as a shock for you? And that is what exactly Cyrus Mistry is thinking of. But if Mistry, the sixth chairman of the Tata Group, won’t think this, then who else you would expect to think about it?


Described as “the most important industrialist" by The Economist, Mistry had suggested a few changes that needed to bring in the workplace to keep up with the changing time.

1. Goal Should Be One:

Chairman believes that for the better functionality of the organization, it is essential that the goal of the company and employee is aligned. Alignment of the goal would help company to reinforce their understandings of the facets that define them.

2. Finding New Leaders:

Mistry emphasizes on finding few leaders for the defined role which will help company in its future growth. He believes that it is important to chalk out what kind of leaders are needed for the next stage of growth therefore, it is important to research well about the person before hiring it for a particular role.

3. Keep Workplace Ethics in mind:

Another thing which he suggested is the work ethics. It is important for an organization to keep them and their employees updated about the market scenario. Every organization needs to ask the question to themselves that would the fundamental facets of culture continue to endure the changing market?   

4. Rewarding:

Another most important thing which he suggested is rewarding. He suggested that it is important to provide the salary structures that will attract the best talent in the industry. Timely appraisals and incentives encourage employees to give their 100 per cent to the organization.

Hope these changes, suggested by the Tata’s Chairman inspire other business tycoons and startup founders as well to bring greater productivity at their workplaces......

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