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Google Has a New App That Turns Apple Live Photos Into GIFs -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Geri Lavrov | Getty Images

An app for that. has created a new iPhone app that easily turns Live Photos into GIFs.

Freaky fast. has launched a free one-hour food delivery service in Miami.

In the back pocket. has plans to expand and add more features down the road in hopes more will adopt it.

Shhh! is playing with the possibility of allowing users to send more discreet notifications rather than tagging friends.

A new face. for Android has a new look.

More to know. has changed up its Discover feature, allowing people to subscribe to their favorite publishers.

Pay back. will give you $2 if an UberPOOL delivers you to your destination later than promised.

Spend away. Think foregoing every day could help you prepare for retirement? Experts argue that the savings won't amount to enough to support you.

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