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6 Reasons a Smartphone Is All You Need to Get Rolling

6 Reasons a Smartphone Is All You Need to Get Rolling
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The mobile revolution is at its peak. And any entrepreneur worth their salt needs a decent smartphone or tablet. You can have both of course, if you like. The choice you make is completely up to you and your preferences, whether a Samsung or an Apple product.

There are a million reasons why you, as a smart entrepreneur should have a smartphone, but to get you started, below are the six I consider best:

1. Who needs an office?

You can comfortably run your business on the go! The rates at which apps are making our lives easier is crazy! There seem to be apps for almost everything. For instance, with Echo Sign, you can electronically sign any document and with Adobe even keep copies, so that you can track everything.

You never miss a meeting with MobileDay and with Dropbox, you can access all of your files from any location. You can share folders and files with other members of your team and sync across all of your devices. It also means that you always have a copy of your documents backed up to the cloud.

There are plenty more apps on your smartphone to improve your productivity, so get searching in the relevant app store.

2. Who needs a personal assistant?

Just short of bringing you coffee, smartphones act like a personal assistant.

If your job involves traveling a lot to different locations, your smartphone is the best thing to have with you while traveling. You can use it to remind you of your itinerary, keep all of your tickets on iOS Passbook, and use apps like TripIt, FlightTrack and GateGuru to keep track of flight delays or gate changes.

3. It teaches you.

You would appreciate the use of a Smartphone when you have to do business with someone who doesn’t speak English. Explore the usefulness of Google and be amazed at how easily you could communicate in another language.

Equally, you can use your smartphone to read a good number of self-help books and watch countless videos on YouTube on how-to.

4. It helps you process payments.

Trends have shifted dangerously in the past few years, from shopping in brick and mortar shops to online shopping. You run an ecommerce website or retail store, and you encounter an interested customer on the go. Normally you would just refer them to your store, but there is a smartphone gadget that can take payment right from your phone!

There are lots of finance apps that will that enable you to do your transactions via your mobile with nothing but a click, especially if your work is majorly online.

5. You can collaborate with colleagues.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to have an office for your business.

You are running late or want to attend a meeting while you’re out of town? Tango is a handy, free mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you make an appearance even if you can’t be physically present. Sync your account with contacts on your phone, and don’t worry about needing a Wi-Fi connection to communicate. This app can function using a 3G or 4G connection, so it’s accessible from almost anywhere.

Skype, Facebook, whatsapp, WeChat and many more are great resources. If used properly, these resources will enhance your productivity and get your better results.

However, to enhance your productivity, limit yourself to a few necessary chat platforms and utilize them properly. This way you don’t become less productive because you lose too much time chatting.

6. It helps create networking opportunities.

Obviously, you can use your phone to check your Facebook or send someone you just met your number, but there are a lot of apps that make networking way easier. Apps like CardMunch makes exchanging LinkedIn information as easy as swapping business cards. So you don’t have to stand over someone’s shoulder as they scroll through pages of search results looking for your profile.

These apps can even automatically create a new contact on their own -- so much faster than poring over wrinkled business cards after a conference!

This especially helps start-ups who are looking to introduce their business to new people or communicate with other entrepreneurs who are ahead of them in the field.

Final words.

All of the work mentioned above can be easily done from your office computer, but when you’re on a train or sitting around the doctor’s office, it’s nice to be able to bring out your phone and get a bit of work done while you wait. It’s always a win for entrepreneurs -- you feel more efficient and on top of your business this way.

So go to an app store and check out some productivity apps that best suit you and your company. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get on this sooner.

Now, let’s turn that gadget into a life saver!

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