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The FAA Wants to Fine Amazon $350,000 for a Hazardous Package -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Pay up. The FAA is trying to fine Amazon $350,000 for a hazardous, leaky package.

Change up. Siri is now going to be on your Mac, too.

Playing favorites. A recent survey determined advertisers prefer Instagram over Twitter.

Dollar signs. Snapchat is stepping up its advertising game, placing ads between users’ stories.

Got it covered. Insurance exists for a variety of investments. Why not do the same for those made in cyberspace?

On demand. This company debuted a product on social media, and it sold out in less than two hours.

A helping hand. A GoFundMe campaign raised $2 million for Orlando victims in one day.

Giving growth. Charitable donations in the U.S. hit a record $373 billion in 2015, up four percent from 2014.

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