Tata Group, Uber Enter Into A Partnership To Help Drivers Become Vehicle Owners

Tata Group, Uber Enter Into A Partnership To Help Drivers Become Vehicle Owners
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Tata companies and Uber Technologies Inc entered into a partnership to offer driver partners on the Uber platform a comprehensive vehicle purchase and ownership solution.

Under this deal, Uber drivers will now be buy fuel efficient cars like the Indica and Indigo from Tata Motors,  gain access to flexible and customized financing solutions from Tata’s financial services arm and get affordable insurance plans from Tata AIG.

The partnership succeeds the Tata Opportunity Fund's investment in Uber last year. Tata Business Support Services will provide operational support for drivers wanting to use this new vehicle solutions program, thus helping them get the feeling of complete ownership and give them hands on entrepreneurial experience.

“It’s clear from talking to drivers how much they value their flexibility and independence. It’s why we are excited to work with Tata to help make it easier and more affordable for drivers to get on the road--increasing micro entrepreneurship in India,” Eric Alexander, Head of Business, Uber Asia said in a statement.

This is a pan-India initiative, which has been rolled out first in Hyderabad. Over the next one year, the company claims to fuel micro-entrepreneurship across India by enabling over 20,000 drivers to start their own business on the Uber platform

Prior to this, Uber has also been proactive in initiating referral programs and helped  retired military personnel  get employed by recruiting them as drivers on its platform.


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