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Cool Runnings

Exploring new places may just lead you to the business opportunity you've been searching for. Here's a look at how one couple did it.

This story appears in the May 2000 issue of

Normally the mention of brings images of snow (lots of it), icebergs (big ones), and penguins (cute ones), and sends chills down your spine when you think about the subzero temperatures there. For some this may not seem like the ideal locale for a relaxing vacation or a desirable place to live and work, but surprisingly enough, this icy continent is increasing in popularity. Just ask Tom and Gloria Hutchings, founders of Jackson, New Hampshire-based The Antarctic Connection.

After working in Antarctica for four years, the couple realized there was an untapped opportunity to create an site devoted to products related to Antarctica. Tom, 38, and Gloria, 36, launched the site in 1998, and so far, it's still the only e-commerce site on the Web devoted solely to Antarctica, offering everything from books, maps and videos to clothing, posters and gift items.

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