6 Ways To Combine Email Marketing With Social Media

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Whether it is for professional or personal mails, to begin an email conversation is a private experience. Unlike social media platforms an email secures your privacy for B2B and B2C communication.


Both email and social media are effective marketing tools in their own respect. And when both comes together, it turns into a powerful marketing tool giving you desired results. Lot of marketing professionals prefer to integrate their social media channels with email marketing in order to get maximum result of their marketing activities.

Lot of marketing professionals prefer to integrate their social media channels with email marketing in order to get maximum result of their marketing activities.

1. Upload your subscriber list to social networks.

The best thing of having a social media presence is that it puts a face and a name to your email subscribers. And by listening, and following them on social networks will give you a better idea of their requirement and desires. The effects of uploading your subscriber list to your social networks varies by platform. Following are different ways to upload subscribers list on various social media platform.

a. Twitter: Upload your subscribers list to twitter, by connecting your personal or business email account. And Twitter scan through and will check those emails addresses against their user database and give you result of your contacts’ profiles.

Once you get the result you can start following them.You can also connect twitter with yourGmailcontacts by sync it with your personal or business Twitter account or by uploading a contact file in CSV format.

It will not take more than 2-3 working hours for Twitter to process the list and once it’s ready, you can use Twitter ads to target this group. This is a great way to promote things like offers, new content, and downloads and can even be used for retargeting (more on that in a minute).

b. LinkedIn: LinkedIn – a social media platform for professionals allow it’s users to search contacts with their personal or business email address. You can also upload a list of contacts to broaden your and network LinkedIn will process the file to match your list against their contact data.

Once the list is matched you can connect with them all at once or select one by one whom who you want to connect with. Once new connections are added to your network you can send them an invitation to your product specific group or follow company profile.

c. Google+: Upload your subscribers list to Google+ via ‘Open Your Address Book’. Upload your file and see whom you know. You can create segmentation by bifurcating contacts into different circles and target digital campaign accordingly.

d. Facebook: It’s common for marketing professionals to use Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ for their business networking but when it comes to Facebook you need to choose how you plan to add these people. You can not only import contact lists to your personal Facebook but you can also create “Custom Audience” feature and roll out a targeted Facebook ads. By doing this you can get more likes on your post and followers for your company Facebook page.Uploading a CSV will work regardless of which email provider you use.

2.  Retarget Your Subscribers on Social Media

You can also run a retargeting ads to your email subscribers on Facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms. This is one of the most effective online marketing trick. By running ads on social media without any focus does not give any returns but with targeted ads it is sure to hit gold by matching it’s interest with the target audiences.

All you need to do is to create a target email campaign for email subscribers, and then re-target the one who clicks it and delete the non-responsive recipients. Social Media is a perfect platforms to run your ads as it’s cost effective, and gives more brand visibility.

3. Send More Emails via social networks

You can call this mix of email marketing and social media as an ‘indirect email marketing’ tool.For an instance when you subscribe to any LinkedIn group, and since your primary email account is registered with LinkedIn you start receiving regular emails generated from the activities inside the group unless you unsubscribe from email notifications.

4. Schedule EmailOutreach To Drive More Social Shares.

Get your email content ‘social proof’ in order to get influential people and blogs to share your content many times. Before you send any request to an influencer or blogger to share your content on social media make sure that it has been already shared couple of times and received few likes to.

By doing this you will build a credibility of your content, and it will stimulate influencer to share it without any second thought. It’s if you request a blogger to share your content to their networks and later if he sees zero number of shares, he might think that content is not that greatand does not do any shares or likes for the same.

To get your content social proof you can include a CTA in your email message requesting your recipients to share your content.

5. Get Sign-ups on Twitter & Facebook

Nowadays you can earn sign-ups for your emails via twitter or Facebook ads. All you need to do is to setup an ad in respective social media platforms with content, image and CTAs, and launch custom audience ad on twitter / Facebook requesting your fans / followers to sign up. Make sure that the content should compel people to sign-up by including some giveaways or free e-book and use high quality images using free image tools like Pablo or Canva to create a perfect image.

6.Exclusive Social Group For Subscribers

Create an exclusive social media groups for your email subscribers where you connect, and share informative articles, ideas and so on. By doing this you can build strong relationship with your subscribers and can interact with your existing and prospects too.

Remember one thing, the success of this group entirely depends up on how active is the group. In fact you should come up with innovative ideas to keep your group members engaged and active. By doing online activities like contest, free giveaway, quiz, or any other you can learn more about the members, and their field and thus build a strong customer relationship.

By doing online activities like contest, free giveaway, quiz, or any other you can learn more about the members, and their field and thus build a strong customer relationship.

Also make sure that any spam, or self-promotion post in the group should not be entertained. Keep group well informed, create conducive platform for user-generator content, and which is useful for the group members too.  Once you get knack of creating an engaging Facebook group / Twitter list you can double the potential of user-generated content by creating an exclusive LinkedIn Group. This will bring your emails to social profile and eventually to your email strategy.