Write A Perfect Subject LineTo Maximize Your Open Rates

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The success of any email marketing campaigns depends on key metrics like inbox placement, open rates, CTRs, unsubscribe rates, email deliverability, and bounce rates and earning per email or click. The statistics of open rates play the most important role for an effective email marketing message.


From an eye-catchy subject line, right timing to email targeting, open rates of an email messages depends on more than one standalone factor. But in order to compel your email recipients to open your email messages, the first thing you need is to curate a perfect subject line. Be it a personal or a business email, a subject line is the first and foremost element of any email messages, and based on which a recipients decides whether to open the mail or not unless it’s from their familiar contacts.

When an email recipients read a subject line of your email, he analysis it further in order to assume the inside email content, and if at all he finds it relevant he will open your mail and read the inside content for sure. When a receiver does not open your email message, the entire objective of sending an email fails. So, it’s highly important for any marketing professionalsto send an email with a tempting, catchy and yet relevant subject lines.

Below are few pointers to keep in mind while curating a subject line for your email marketing campaigns.

Localize, Personalise & Customise

By using a personalised and local way of writing subject line with a recipient's first or last name is sure to improve open rates. We also suggest you use location like city or community or country name to stimulate more response from your recipients.

Unique Subject Line

Keep your email content fresh right from the opening subject line to closing greetings. Make sure your emailers, offers, newsletter has a compelling yet unique subject lines as this will stimulate your recipients to open your email message. Repetitive, redundant, cliché, tacky and same old subject line is a big turn off for our email recipient, and thus he/she can mark it as spam too.

Keep it short

Make sure your subject line is short, crisp, yet to the point. Your subject line should not be more than five to six words, as your recipients can quickly scan through it subject lines to decide if they’ll open or ignore the email.

Use Promotional Emails

Use promotional email like contest, poll, survey, free gifts / vouchers, giveaways, and sale offers effectively so that you can earn maximum opens, stimulate subscribers’ engagement, and thus accelerate your sales.

Do A/B Testing For Your Subject Lines

Create an A/B Testing Campaign to decide on the best subject line for your emails that can give you maximum results. The A/B testing campaigns crate around 2-3 variants of your campaign to test the performance of each campaigns and their elements. All you need to do is to send out those versions to your email listwith different subject lines and with A/B Testing tools you can pick the best subject line and roll out your email campaign. , and we’ll automatically send the campaign with the best open rate to the remainder of your list.


The subject line which is precise, descriptive, and authentic, wins your customer confidence and thus leading to more open rates. However, it’s not only subject line that affects your open rates but also senders IP, type of email content has a great impact on your email marketing results. Make sure that from start to end you do maintain your subscribers’ interest (as no one wants to read irrelevant content), your email content should be engaging and conversational in nature.

Target email marketing and customer profile segmentation also works best to maximize your email open rates. But don’t ever forget as marketing professional that the subject line of our email is a great face value for not only your email open rates but also for the products and services you are offering.