Android's Newest Version Will Be Called Android Nougat

Android's Newest Version Will Be Called Android Nougat
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After months of hinting and clues, Android N has finally got its official name: Android Nougat. This title has been coming for a long time, with the journey involving sneak peeks and fan voting as well. Earlier rumored to be Android Nutella, the Android Nougat OS comes with updated features such as a new Assistant software called Google Assistant, which will have more back and forth dialogue with the Android device. Android Nougat will also bring Instant Apps for all previous Android OSs, which will allow users to access or use certain apps without downloading or installing the apps. Android Nougat will also bring multiwindow support, which will soon be a standard for Android devices. Google will also be throwing in a picture in picture option for apps that play video too, similar to the iPad Air, thus making it easy to watch YouTube while browsing Twitter.

Users will also be able to reply from within a notification itself, a feature seen in Android Wear watches. Along with that, developers will also be able to group up notifications together in a bundle from each app in the menu. Android Nougat will also upgrade the Doze Mode seen in Android 6.0 to work on the go, which allows you to move around more with your phone. Google is also working on Project Svelte, which will reduce memory use, thus bringing Android support to lesser devices. It will also include a Night Mode that aims to reduce eye strain when viewing the device at night. Although these are just sneak peeks, rumors suggest there are more features to come. If you are interested to take a look at Android Nougat, you can try the beta versions, which are available now.

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