Fluid For The Masses

Margarita Man business opportunity

Need a drink? Consider taking a trip to Phoenix. While there, you might just run into Dave Forman and his crew, the only bartenders in town who follow their patrons around, ensuring that revelers never see an empty glass.

After completing a bartending course (and remaining steadfast against working in a conventional bar), this former courier-service employee opened his first entrepreneurial venture, a bartending service called Pour Masters, in 1992. Tending bar at various hectic events, he experienced firsthand the frustrations attendees felt while waiting in line for drinks; subsequently, he decided to better serve his patrons by making his bartenders mobile. Forman, 38, and partner Christian Bezdicek, 29, purchased distributor rights for Margarita Man margarita mix for the state of Arizona from its San Antonio, Texas, manufacturer and began their mobile sale of drinks in 1998.

Although Margarita Man margaritas comprise 99 percent of the drinks they serve, the 35-pound, 2.5-gallon packs used to distribute the drinks can also serve plenty of other hot or cold beverages. Last year, sales reached $59,000; sales for this year are expected to hit $100,000. Margarita Man's clientele ranges from average joes throwing at-home parties or attending local festivals to cattle-run and Jeep-tour attendees. These days, the only thing Forman and Bezdicek worry about is delivering thirst-quenching satisfaction.

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Margarita Man: (480)563 - 3000, www.frozenmargaritas.com

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