An Entrepreneur Whose Love For Books Doesn't Fade Away

An Entrepreneur Whose Love For Books Doesn't Fade Away
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Working against time to run the show for Giftxoxo, co-founder, Manoj Agarwal ensures that his love for reading books doesn’t fade away. He attributes some of his personal and professional growth to learnings from books that he has read over time.

Apart from being involved in the gifting and rewards space, he follows his passion for sport and fitness. His world revolves around his one-year-old son, which he believes is a gift. Entrepreneur talks to the voracious reader to know more about his appetite for reading.

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne 

I read this book seven-eight years back. It is very close to my heart, I’ve read it a couple of times. It is slightly philosophical but with a very practical and deep message. What I’ve learnt from this book is that if I strongly desire something, and I think about it day in day out, it happens to me. The essence of the book is that we need to realize the power of our minds when working towards our goal.

Zero to One By Peter Thiel

This book gives a lot of practical, real life scenarios, as to how entrepreneurs can deal with certain situations they face. This has helped me in understanding how I can do something right in the beginning instead of experimenting and then doing it right later. The focus has to be on the product that you are building. That is how I have built our company, with the focus on high product quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The books talks about some basic building blocks for a startup.

Good to Great By Jin C. Collins

I first read this book when I was two years into my work. Back then, I didn’t understand its depth. I read
this book a couple of weeks back. That is the time I could appreciate the book. I tried to imbibe learnings
from the book into my everyday work. The book captures what it takes to build a great company. This
book has helped me to understand how I can build my company and differentiate it from thousands of
other companies.

(Originally published in Entrepreneur India magazine's July 2016 edition)

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