App Developers in India Have Become More Conscious These Days; Here's why!

App Developers in India Have Become More Conscious These Days; Here's why!
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The Indian app market reached a milestone post 2010, when every company wanted to have an app of their own – from giant ecommerce sites, taxi-aggregators and payment networks, to small-sized startups. However, gradually only the ones that had the right traction and connected with the right audience survived ! This phasing out of the hype has generated a stir amongst developers, who are now more careful about every penny that is spent!

Managing Director of India at Applift Rohan Patil, who was one of the panelists at the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) 2016 last week, spoke in length to Entrepreneur Media about the changes in marketing strategies of apps in India.

Speaking about the flush out of apps that the Indian market has recently seen Rohan said that people/companies are a lot more careful while building apps. “All the app developers are more conscious when it comes to marketing,” he added.

Some of the questions asked these days within the app ecosystem about marketing budgets, relevance of installations, target audience, ROI for developing an app and others, he said.

Applift helps app developers intelligently bid on advertising spaces in milliseconds. It runs a multi-continent infrastructure that handles billions of requests a day, crunching huge amounts of data.

How should one monetize their app to its maximum potential?

Rohan said that when one thinks of monetization there are two main factors that come to their mind – revenue generation and cost savings.  He said that there are three phases in an app’s journey namely; launch, growth and retaining existing users.  “In its launch phase there should be a lot of focus on understanding what your user wants and understanding how he is engaging. If he is not really engaging, then change or modify the features. That itself does a lot of service to you,” he said.

He also stressed on the need of techniques like app store optimization. When asked about apps re-connecting via push notifications with its customers, Rohan said that these notifications are useless to him unless they are personalized on user-to-user basis and making them more relevant.

The  AppLift Engineering team works on a full-stack self-serve demand platform, which includes real-time bidding, social capabilities, as well as advanced campaign management functionalities. It helps app developers intelligently bid on advertising spaces in milliseconds. 

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