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Store It: My Passport Wireless By WD

Store It: My Passport Wireless By WD
Image credit: WD

Let’s face it: deleting photos is no fun, and sometimes downright heartbreaking. But now there’s a way to keep all of your memories intact with My Passport Wireless- the wireless drive for all of your devices.

My Passport Ultra from WD. Image credit: WD.
Free up space on your tablet and smartphone by backing up or transferring your photos and videos from your SD card (this device has a built-in slot for that), and keep on clicking! It’s wireless, portable, and has up to six hours of continuous video streaming, and up to 20 hours of standby time.


My Passport Wireless from WD. Image credit: WD.

My Passport Wireless can also act as a Wi-Fi hub to share an Internet connection with multiple devices. Who could ask for more? Whether you’re a professional photographer, a hobbyist or simply a casual clicker, My Passport Wireless is an ideal travel companion.

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