Maintain work-life balance with these 3 steps

Maintain work-life balance with these 3 steps
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If only I could get a nickel, every time someone told me that one must love their job, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Though I do agree with the fact, that if you love the work and not the job or company specifically, that’s all right too. But amidst all this job-loving and working too much, do you actually get time to appreciate that job? Or get a better life, via it?

We are not counting people who are sick of their jobs; they actually don’t care anyway. But those who do like it even remotely, make themselves so busy in their work that they start to hate it and eventually lose interest, which curbs the employee’s productivity. The reason being, they just don’t get any personal time for themselves to be able to rejuvenate back the next day, to give their best in the office.

Here we have 3 tips you could bring the balance of rope walker in your work and life apart from work.

Keep it transparent

You shouldn’t be like an open book exactly, but be transparent enough that you don’t come across as a shady person or an over-inclusive one. Keep your office relationships transparent and be open about your needs, especially to higher executives.

As soon as you join, make sure you have an open dialogue with the manager or executives to share what’s your purpose there and about your style of working. If someone who is not working properly is affecting your work, feel free to talk to them or if you have a prior family engagement, don’t wait till the last minute to get permission. The more open you are, the better it will be for you.

Everyone has their boundaries

This is something people don’t even understand in life in general, let alone at work. People, especially in India, find this concept of respecting people’s boundaries alien and hence, they don’t bother to even consider it.

Respecting people’s boundaries doesn’t mean you can’t stop to ask about their day. It’s when you get into the tiny details of the problems they are facing with their family, spouse or friends. Calling up people from work at 11 PM is highly not recommended and so is showing up at their place at 3 AM. Jokes apart, maintaining boundaries means, sticking to your work and not over-indulging in other people’s lives. Not because it’s wrong, but because it’s none of your business. If they want you to be a part of it, they’ll ask you.

Respect ‘me’ time

You can love your job as much as minions love bananas, but if they keep eating it day and night, they’ll get over it too.  That’s what will happen with you if you don’t give yourself enough time and just concentrate on your work. Every once in a while, push that off button of your laptop and mobile phone and let it all go like Elsa. Work accordingly that when you do take an off, there is no one pestering you and even if they do, have enough will power to ignore it.

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