Here's how to see Which One of Your Friends Are Using Tinder

Here's how to see Which One of Your Friends Are Using Tinder
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Long ago, adults had to go to elaborate lengths to portray their best face/personality to impress a potential partner. Some would start planning for a date or even a potential to meet a partner days ahead. Today, you need a limited internet connection and about ten minutes on your smartphone and you can just swipe to see potential people in your vicinity! Tinder did to dating what Google did to the internet – completely overtake as the fundamental starting point. The luxury, anonymity and excitement of matching with someone who demonstrates an interest in you as well that Tinder bought into the world, is potentially threatened by a seemingly accidental way by the app’s developers itself.

Understandably, almost everyone dating on this potential would not want their romantic personal life to be made public. So when users utilize the services of such apps, users expect utmost privacy in the manner. Tinder is supposed to be neither a moralist platform not a judgmental alone, so it’s kind of strange why they would allow users to see which of their friends are using the platform.

How do you stalk which ones of your friends are using Tinder?

The method is very easily, and works on virtually all platforms Tinder currently works on. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Open your tinder app and profile
  • Go to settings
  • Switch “social” on if you haven’t already
  • See the option which says “I’m going out” in big shiny letters. Notice how Tinder allows you to add “friends” you’re going out with? Well guess what – these friends are definitely using Tinder.
  • Use this information as you may seem fit

So how does this trick work?

Seemingly, Tinder has allows this feature eon its own, so we can’t call it a potential “hack”. Unless Tinder switches the feature of their app to change fundamentally, it looks like it’s going to stay here for a while.

How do you prevent yourself from being seen?

The easiest method is simply to not use Tinder social at all. That just means you’re instantly in ninja mood like you wanted to be in. Just go to settings and turn social settings to off.

Why would Tinder do this?

The reasons are unclear. It would be surprising if Tinder doesn’t understand how privacy and anonymity is one of the most important reasons people feel comfortable using Tinder in the first place. Perhaps it could be any one of the reasons:

  • Maybe Tinder is trying to shift it’s demographics from hookups/dating to more social activities, like group hang outs?
  • Perhaps Tinder wants to change its face of sexual meets to a more friendly orientation, and adding group hangouts could be the way out.
  • Alternatively, maybe Tinder understands by adding the legitimate option of group hangouts, even those users skeptic/afraid of being associated with using a sexual app would feel comfortable using Tinder.

Anyway, for the time being, enjoy stalking which ones of your Facebook friends’ are using Tinder. Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page if you found this trick useful at Entrepreneur India

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