Digital CRM Solutions For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

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With an acopious amount of projects to invest in, buyers have an array of choices before them, to make their real estate investment decisions. For the developers, the main challenge lies in intensive targeting through campaigns, sustainable follow-ups to build a sturdy channel and convert the interested into loyal customers. Customer servicing and satisfaction can be the key enabler to attract revenue. Tools such as Customer Relationship Management(CRM) are being opted to tap into customer demands, insights and future trends.


CRM provides a customer-centric approach towards campaigns and transcends marketing into something beyond the money making façade.

Here are few areas where CRM provides leverage

1.Managing promotions and marketing campaigns

CRM instals a rounded, detailed approach to planning and budgeting. Enlisting the help of CRM, itis easy to build a marketing plan/calendar integrated with the financials, enabling a centralized inventory to schedule and collate meetings and conclusions, alongside campaigns.

2.Market segmentation

It is possible to launch targeted campaigns based on numerous customer attributes, through intel of CRM. Segmentation is necessary for targeting millions of prospects, and helps in slotting customers in accordance to their purchase trends. Through proper utilization of resources, enhanced marketing efficiency boosted conversion rates and reduction in campaign execution costs is possible.

3.Managing customer enquiries/leads

CRM plays a key role in generating productive leads and timely following up on every lead to the conclusion. This allows leads to be pooled from customer interaction junctures, which enables a jump in lead conversion rate by arranging leads based on interaction.

4.Managing communication with prospects

Through CRM, communication with the prospects to tracked and inventoried in the seamless platform.Productivity tools to increase sales efficiency by adopting a structured sales processes come as added benefits.

5.Account management

 In real estate sales lifecycle, communication with loyal consumers is instrumental in the build-up of goodwill and redundancy/error can hamper the customer relationships. CRM system configures and launches automated communications through email/mobile messages, based on interactions taking place in the customer account.

6.Loyalty Management

CRM system stores myriad details of customer/ prospect interactions which can be then utilized to send tailor-made pitches based on needs. For an existing customer, this could also mean updating on new properties coming up, sending out referral scheme.


Although equipped with all these advantages and features, CRM is easy to use. Using CRM can be as easy as using online facility of one’s bank account. It is intuitive and highly self-explanatory, though which developers can optimize their research for profitable output. The real estate industry has one of the most complex documentation because of all its legalities, etc. Through CRM, Real Estate sector gets the assistance to organize all important data in a utility-based medium.