Finding The Silver Lining: This Is How Entrepreneurs Do It!

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With so much hype created around the word startup, everyone wants to be swayed by this wave. But starting up has become so much more than starting something of your own. It’s about finding that one problem in the modern age we don’t have a solution to yet and then find the solution too. So you need to find the puzzle first in order to find the solution and then make money out of it.

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From L-R - Ashutosh Johri; Manish Chandra; Ambika Sharma; Ashwin Jain; Arjun Pratap

This journey however is not exactly the most pleasant one to take, to put it politely. Not only are you missing pieces but things that made sense once seem so distorted that you have to start over. So, when the days are gloomy and hope blows out like a candle in a storm, and you need a silver lining to find that silver lining, what do pro entrepreneurs do? We asked some entrepreneurs who are slaying the startup game how they keep themselves motivated and they are not short on inspiration. 

Ambika Sharma, Founder of Pulp Strategy  

I am motivated with the opportunity to create and sustain relationships with some of the biggest brands in the world and the opportunity to create an evolutionary culture of progress with high quality talent. We truly work and deliver the new regularly.

Ashutosh Johri, Founder, Baxi

When we started it was the brilliance of the opportunity and what could be achieved with it for us and for the people of India.

Honestly right now it is the faith of our friends in investing in our venture that we feel we have to live up to.

Ashwin Jain, Co-founder and CEO, Driven

Realizing my dream turn true to create things that stand out is what inspires me to work every day.  And of course, the need to be accelerated and widen Driven startup vision, introducing newer features that can enhance our client experience and my team are other things that prep me up every morning and moments during the day.

I love observing people and environs around me that reward me with a perspective that helps in enriching Driven business besides the motivation that I gain from my family who are involved in successful business.

Manish Chandra, CEO and Founder, Poshmark

The impact that we’ve had thus far and the potential we’ll have as we continue to progress with our mission.

Arjun Pratap, Founder and CEO, EdGE Networks

The question is can we build a data science based approach to hiring that really sits at the cusp of AI to disrupt the hiring and allocation process.