How Can They Persistently Make Such A Bad Smartphone?

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It takes a lot of deliberate relaxation on the part of programmers, designers and marketers to fail as miserably as the Galaxy Note 7 to launch yet another overpriced smartphone into the market. Yet, galaxy Note 7’s makers have gone out of their way to do so – and quite unimpressively. Here’s everything you need to know about your shiny new gadget out in the market.

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The back is a disturbingly blank panel, just like typical of all the Galaxy Note series smartphones. It comes in four exceptionally bland colors, including black (but not the stunning matt finish black), fluorescent blue (because nobody will ever want one), golden (more like an off golden that’s faded away with bleach), and dull silver. The screen looks stunning sharp, which is a plus. There’s finally edge to edge display, and the curved edges give you a nice viewing experience. It’s perfectly symmetrical, where glass on the front and metal of the back blends in very smoothly. Unfortunately, the screen is not made of sapphire and uses Gorrilla Glass instead.


The company claims to have stunning low light photography, ISO control and typical other anti-blur features with a large aperture. The front camera is promising at 5 MP while the rear camera comes at 12MPs. Stock options of dual video recording and calling are great features. However, Forbes and a lot of independent testers have stated that the camera is only minorly better than others in the same category – nothing as revolutionary as the iPhone 6S did when it was launched.

Where it fails

Multiple drop tests have revealed that it cracks painfully easily. Naturally, there’s only an x number of times any consumer can afford getting the hyper expensive display replaced – the union body structure of the phone makes after market copy screens as well as third party repair ridiculously expensive as well.

Finally, the reason why people buy smartphones = speed Galaxy Note 7 was teamed against iPhone 6S, and boy did it fail. To put this test into perspective, remember the iPhone 6s has a dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, and it runs iOS. The Galaxy Note on the other hand octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and it runs TouchWIz UI on top of Android. The reason is because of the lack of optimization between software and hardware that Apple is unique for.

This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (September 2016 Issue).