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Told You So!

Hot 100 businesses do burn bright, but they don't burn out. Here are the businesses that prove there's life after recognition in <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine.

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Glancing at our Hot 100 listings from the past six years, you'd be hard-pressed to make a connection between the companies. From construction and organic foods to and , these hot companies have run the gamut of industries, seemingly linked only by the fact that they've had a phenomenal start in the world-millions in sales after less than three years in business.

But probe a little deeper, and you'll find similarities: The owners' love for their industries. Nonstop . Staying one step ahead of both the and the times. For some, jumping on the tech and locomotive as it was picking up speed. Strong investments and gratitude for employees. And, of course, the refusal to ever stop thinking about where the might lead the company.

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