Microsoft Launches Selfie App For Android Devices

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If you love to take selfies and are looking for an app just to make you look better, then Microsoft's new Selfie App is what you need.

Microsoft Selfie

Designed to do just what every selfie lover loves, the Microsoft Selfie app was first released in iOS few months ago, and now has finally made its way to Android.

The app works with machine learning to create an app that can automatically account for a person's age, gender and skin tone in a photo and factors in other elements such as lighting in the image. One tap, and the Selfie app will make the photo look a lot better.

If you dont like the automatic result, you can adjust some filters to get a new image. The app also works with any image stored in the camera along with any new selfie photo you take. 

When the app was launched last year for iOS it managed to get great reviews and it will be interesting to see how the app will fare on the Android market. 

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