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What Does the Number 2592 Mean to You?

The are two keys to wealth -- increase how much money you earn and being smart with it once you have it.

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Earlier this month I went to Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and Indians. The game was held in Cleveland, but it seemed Cubs fans out-numbered Indians fans. Why? Cleveland fans wanted to cash in rather than support their team.

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StubHub reported that 60 percent of the fans who purchased Game 7 tickets had Illinois addresses, and TicketIQ said it sold more tickets to people from the Chicago area than the Cleveland area. The median price tag of tickets for Game 7 was going for $1,823. The average price was $2,700, according to TicketIQ, though Forbes reported it as $3,625. Cleveland ticket holders were selling as if they were cashing in lottery tickets.

For my ticket, which was close to the field, I paid $5,000. Sitting with three friends, together we dropped $20,000. With two teams looking to end historically long championship droughts, tickets for this year's World Series sold for an all-time high.

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The temptation was too much for many Cleveland fans, who for $2K, $3K and $5K a pop, let Cubs fans fill up their stadium. Is it a reflection of the economy in Cleveland? Perhaps Cleveland fans needed to pay off their mortgages more than they needed to see a baseball game. Or perhaps Chicago fans were just that desperate to witness a World Series win. Maybe Cubs fans are more obsessed -- or the economy is better in Chicago.

The fact is, if you need to sell your World Series tickets for $5,000, you have no business buying season tickets in the first place. You have no business spending 50 days going to baseball games all season when you could be making money. Get your money right first. These Indian fans dreamed of sitting in a World Series Game 7 for years, and when the moment finally came, their money wasn’t right so they couldn’t enjoy it. Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow, even $5,000 World Series tickets.

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Many of those in Cleveland -- and around the nation -- should know the number 2592. What does the number 2592 mean? It’s the median wage in America -- $25.92 an hour. If you make in the middle, you’ll get left behind. You don’t want to be in the middle. Recently, I was watching TV and they were saying wages went up 10 cents. CNBC acted like this was a big deal. You have to get your money right. Whether your wage is $25.82 or $25.92 is not going to make a difference in your life.

If you are at 2592 or below, you should make it your goal to up that to at least $2400 a week, make $60 an hour, pull in $9600 a month. You must set a higher target.  Any average person can make $25.62. The truth is, $25.92 an hour is the death zone. Who wants to be average? To get your head above water, you need to figure out three simple things:

1.How do you make money?

2.How do you keep it?

3.How do you multiply it?

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Get your finances right so you can spend $5,000 for a ticket to Game 7 of the World Series. Get your finances right so that you don’t have to sell your ticket to the game you’ve been dreaming about for years to an opposing team’s fan. The whole city of Cleveland should be on Cardone University. I can’t fix the Browns, but I can fix your finances, no matter what city you come from and no matter what the economy is like in that place. I teach people how to create their own economy and increase their revenue.

Be obsessed or be average.

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