India's Top HR Consultancy Founder Reveals #8 Recruitment Trends Set to Rule 2017

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Neeti Sharma, the co-founder of TeamLease Services, - India's recruitment consultancy, human resource outsourcing and staffing company - says there are abundant jobs in India right now that can be tapped by keeping some simple points in mind.

If you have additional skills along with a degree, you will definitely clock a job in 2017, says Sharma.

Sharma believes employers are now not looking for manual labourers but for people who understand a bit of technology and can use high-end tools.

She calls IT, retail, telecom, finance, electronics and eCommerce the hottest sectors that are hiring and will continue hiring in 2017.

In a candid chat with Entrepreneur India, Sharma spoke of the top #8 recruitment trends that job-seekers must keep in mind to ensure a job in the coming year.

Cognitive Skills Crucial

“When employers are hiring, you need to prepare for the kind of jobs you are looking for. You need to know the subject, you need to know the industry and you should be able to do the job-role specific interview,” says Sharma.

Analyze the Job Role Well

“If you give in your CV and say you have done 10 case studies and you cannot talk about a single case study, then obviously you won’t get employed,” Sharma warns.

Identify the Sector You Want to Get a Job in

Let’s say you are a 12thstandard pass out, eCommerce has dime a dozen jobs right now. If you are a graduate, you need to identify what sort of employment you must take. At the post graduate level, choosing the sector becomes most important.

Being Multi-skilled Top Priority

“Employers are looking for skill sets more than a degree. So you don’t have to think ‘oh, I don’t have a graduation degree, what must I do,” says Sharma.

You can get into back office operations or you can get into delivery services, which involves not just delivery people delivering goods. Delivery services is now no more about supply chain and logistics, but it is about understanding technology, it is about processes and understanding customer service.

Know Your Subject Well

Employers are looking for multi-skilled employees and their risk-taking ability along with decision-taking ability are keenly seen by employers according to Sharma.

Attend 1-3 Months Internship Programmes

If you have done civil engineering course, work for two three years before deciding what you want to do next. If you jump from an engineering degree to a management degree for better salaries, I don’t think you can meet the purpose,” says Sharma.

Get an Experience Before Clocking a Job

Sharma urges all prospective employees to understand ground reality with employers to avoid disappointments. She believes if employees get an experience before going ahead with a job, they know what they are getting into and seldom face any distress.

Look for Growth Companies

There are many MSMEs that are looking to become big companies. There are many companies that have grown in the last 2-3 years, so when you look at startups, it is for you to decide if you should go ahead for something that has started a month ago or has been growing since the last 2-3 years and has the potential to grow.