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Keep Your Cool

Hide your frazzled nerves when the pressure's on.

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Whether you're making a sales presentation, giving a speech or holding a crucial meeting with a big client, as an entrepreneur, there are plenty of situations that can make you sweat. How do you keep your cool when the pressure heats up?

Presentation Problem: Dry mouth

Quick Fix: Suck on a drool-inducing hard candy (try green apple or lemon) right up until your presentation.

If That Fails: If your mouth is so dry your lips stick to your teeth, coat your upper teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline.

Presentation Problem: Knocking knees/shaky hands

Quick Fix: Keep the offending body part behind the podium or under the table.

If That Fails: No podium or table? Pace back and forth or gesticulate so no one notices your quivering.

Presentation Problem: Embarrassing stomach noises

Quick Fix: Speak loudly and don't let a potentially disastrous silence fall.

If That Fails: Make a "decoy noise" with a chair, briefcase or squeaky pointer, or stand far enough away that your gurgles can't be heard.

Presentation Problem: Blushing

Quick Fix: Get a tan; your pink flush won't show as much.

If That Fails: Ride it out. Most people feel sympathy when they see you turn tomato.