These Indian Companies Are Making Money By Connecting Free WiFi Hotspots

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A lot of places offer free WiFi these days. Be it restaurants, hotels, hospitals and even some cities, they give you a lot of options for surfing if you don’t want to exhaust your precious mobile data. Social media giant Facebook may soon roll out a Wi - Fi finder service within its mobile app to help people access the internet easily. The feature is in the testing mode and not widely available at the moment.


Though, there are already apps in India that show you places with free and public Wi-Fi. But building the feature right into the Facebook app might help the company earn more brownie points making it different from other apps.

Given below are the Indian companies helping users facing costly data plans by giving a list of free hotspots around the city. These companies can give a tough competition to Facebook’s new feature which is yet to officially roll out.

Find WiFi Hotspots Offline : Why pay for the internet when the app can work offline? Free WiFi finder application provides the information of wifi hotspots, offline across India. It provides the list of WiFi hotspots according to the city and user's location. If connected to the internet then one can also follow the directions on the map to reach the closest hotspot.

Connect With A Single Tap : The WiFire App released by Bangalore based Mobstac lets you discover best public WiFi hotspots (no more chasing down passwords and filling out forms) around you with a single tap. It basically crowdsources the information about public Wi-Fi networks.In addition to this, users can also share public Wi-Fi networks that they find with the app, and earn rewards.

Smart WiFi Manager: Free as Air is a platform for mobile users to connect to the nearest WiFi hotspot without any cost. The Indore based company also gives an opportunity to advertise your brand on the app and gain benefit from a huge audience.