If You are an SME, You May Want These Chatbot Tools

To do away with drudgery, millions of brands and startups are making an effective use of this conversational commerce tool.

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The most-talked about conversational commerce tool, ‘Chatbots’ is becoming a revolutionary way of marketing and maintaining a strong base of consumer engagement that can help small enterprises on the broader aspect.


To do away with drudgery, millions of brands and startups are making an effective use of this conversational commerce tool. Amid creating a lot of buzz and gaining new momentum across varied business operations, it has also caught the eye of the SMEs.

Chatbots are the most facile option to regulate internal communication well and run an effective consumer engagement process, small-medium enterprises can focus on more ideas while having a team communication.

Take a look at these 5 chatbots that embrace all the qualities, which could SMEs could use to increase productivity.


This messaging interface was created by a Chinese company-Tencent. This chatbot is the right stopover for any SME to gain consumer engagement at a global level. The feature that makes WeChat more noteworthy in the line of businesses is its rich API that helps avail free accounts to business entities. 

From startups to big brands, WeChat is expanding its business clients to the tune of 10 million per annum. Brands like Nike, Burberry are active users of chatbots.


Slack gives a great deal of opportunities to small and medium business entities for team communication. Within the 2 years of its inception into the market, Slack has fetched an impressive growth. Currently, the company has 2.3 million active users.

Slack works easily on every Smartphone and consumes relatively lesser amount of data. Given the fact that SME follow a cost-effective pattern, Slack can help make work simpler and peppered within the team of any organization.


Niki.ai is an emerging Indian chatbot company, co-founded in 2015 by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur’s alumni Sachin Jaiswal and Nitin Babel. The Niki.ai chatbot offers a wide variety of options the consumers from ordering cab to bill payments.

The Indian chatbot is looking to foray into the space of money transfers through its chatbot app following the demonetization measure undertaken by India in November 2016. Nitin Babel, the founder told Entrepreneur India that India is witnessing a big rise in use of Chatbots across business operations.

Allo from Google

Google’s Allo has also joined conversational commerce with digital AI assistant. Since Google is the biggest search engine in the digital space, its Artificial Intelligence-based brainchild, Allo, is useful in leveraging visitors for any SME.

Considering the number of years Google has invested in comprehending people’s query, Allo is reliable in resolving complaints of customers in lesser time frame. Google being a household name is well used by Internet users across the world and hence a bot by Google makes for a good choice for SMEs.

Facebook Messenger

With the high number of users across the world, Facebook messenger is betting high on its latest feature. With the help of the API elements on Facebook messenger app, SMEs can turn the focus of consumers easily through the computational text chats and voice commands.

The Facebook messenger alone posseses huge variety of chatbots on its interface. Digg, Gymbot, Assist, Fynd, Kukie can be counted as a few in its list.