This Millennial Entrepreneur Has 3 Tips for Those Who Want to Make It Big

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At 21, Kalyani Khona from Mumbai, India decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur.


Two years into her dream, she became the founder of world’s only matchmaking app for the disabled. Soon after launching the app in January 2016, she is now looking to take it global.

Entrepreneur India caught up with the fiery Khona who did not find it important to sit for placements and decided to pursue her dreams.

She has these three tips for young entrepreneurs who dare to dream and also pursue them.

If there is something you are passionate about, I think it can be done

When I came up with the idea of starting a matchmaking agency for the disabled, everyone asked me ‘Who Does This?,’ says Kalyani Khona.

She strongly believes when people say XYZ is not sustainable, it’s important to remember there is no standard rule to making success.

If you are really young, the best thing you could do is to get people who want to join you without any incentive

When we got our advisors, we were never asked for equity or money. You need to find people who want to selflessly get associated. The compensation always comes second.

I run away from the people who say I want 1 percent or 2 percent of the stake in your company to mentor you. I think it’s bullshit! Kids are getting manipulated by such people, according to Khona.

She strongly believes one’s driving force should be people who love their concept and who want to drive the car with them.

We should all figure out our own journey

There is no hard set rule for success. Everyone’s journey can be bettered and it should be lived individually says Khona who started A one of its kind matchmaking platform to cater to the needs of the disabled or the specially-abled to help them find love. Three years since, her mission that started off as a digital agency is now releasing its 2.2 version of apps for Android users.

Anyone who has an Android smartphone can download this app for free. Every line of code is labeled. If a visually impaired person has to use the app, he/she has to start their talkback and they’ll get connected.

Khona is now aiming to solve the problem for people who don’t have upper body mobility. Those people are using it with their legs right now, but we want to have a real voice command system, that’s in the works. We want to get into video calling for hearing impaired people too reveals Khona.